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Administrative Appeal Decisions


Department of Education

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Book Decision Number Month Year In RE Appellant Appellee
30 179 December 2021 State Complaints Concerning House File 847 and Children with Disabilities, Multiple Districts and AEAs Parents of Children with Disabilities Multiple Districts and AEAs
30 159 October 2021 GEER II Mental Health Schools Grant Waukee CSD Iowa Department of Education
30 105 September 2021 A Child Parents Woodward-Granger CSD
30 103 October 2021 Waiver of Rule 281-31.4(3)"a" K.W. Marion Independent Community School District
30 97 September 2021 Open Enrollment of A.G., J.G. and M.G. v. AGWSR CSD M.U. and T.A. AGWSR CSD
30 95 September 2021 Conference Membership of Western Christian High School Western Christian High School Siouxland Conference
30 88 August 2021 Termination from CACFP Amber Fry West Central Community Action
30 84 August 2021 Open Enrollment of C.H. C.W. Ames CSD
30 74 August 2021 Expulsion of Student W. Student W. & Mother of Student W. Hudson CSD
30 67 June 2021 Athletic Eligibility of T.T. Michelle Teran Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union
30 58 April 2021 E.R. E.R. Iowa High School Athletic Association
30 54 March 2021 Video Recording Conferencing Eric and Christine Henely Gilbert CSD
30 32 April 2021 B.K. C.K. and L.K. Western Dubuque CSD and Keystone AEA
30 25 March 2021 C.R. M.R. Linn-Mar CSD, Grant Wood AEA
30 5 March 2021 A Child Parents Ankeny CSD
30 1 February 2021 Petition for Waiver of Rule Michael Stein IHSAA
29 393 January 2021 Educational Placement of M.R. S.G and S.R. Waukee CSD
29 387 January 2021 Open Enrollment of S.B., S.B. and S.B. K.B. CAM CSD
29 385 January 2021 Open Enrollment of A.N., S.N., A.M. and D.M. N.M. Iowa City CSD
29 379 January 2021 Open Enrollment of F.N. and G.N. R.N. and K.N. CAM CSD
29 377 January 2021 Open Enrollment of M.W. and L.W. Michelle Phillips Wegner Des Moines Public Schools
29 371 December 2020 Termination from CACFP Kimberly Alberigo Polk County Community, Family & Youth Services
29 370 November 2020 Athletic Eligibility of B.C. A.F. and K.F. Iowa High School Athletic Association
29 363 November 2020 Athletic Eligibility of D.I. Aaron I. IHSAA
29 355 October 2020 Athletic Eligibility of D.M. Prince of Peace Catholic School IHSAA