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Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson
BCLUW Community School District
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Jeremy graduated from BCLUW in May 2004 and has been accepted at the Des Moines Area Community College at the postsecondary level. This disputes centers around Jeremy's class schedule for his final semester of high school and the District's policy. The District allows students to refine their schedules within the first two weeks of each semester. A student may not initially sign up for the required "six+P.E." courses and then drop below that number. If dropping a course would take a student below the required number of credits, the student must add another course. The terms of the compromise reached between Jeremy and the District required him to take 7+P.E.

Jeremy pointed out that the District does not have a written policy that states that a student may not take sequential courses out of their order. Jeremy wanted to enroll in Basic Woods, which is considered a freshman level course, after having completed the advanced building course. Jeremy had never taken the freshman level course and felt he should be able to do so.

The compromise, one that Jeremy feels was forced upon him by the District, allowed Jeremy to take Basic Woods if he added an additional course to his schedule. His choices included Band, Chorus, Economics or a PSEO course. Jeremy refused to take the PSEO course telling his principal that he had earned the right to have an easy senior year. This left Economics as the course used to complete Jeremy's final semester schedule.

Jeremy's argument fails in part because school boards are not required to write their student policies "with the precision of a criminal code." 14 D.o.E. App. Dec. 294, 299(1997). The other reason that Jeremy cannot prevail on this argument is that the District is not compelled by law to reduce to writing in its policies rules to cover that which is commonly understood.

Jeremy's second argument that because he was allowed to take the advanced construction course without taking the basic woods course, he should have been given credit without taking that course. Elementary and secondary schools do not have the option and cannot pass along a "testing out for credit" option to their students.

That the decision of the Board of Directors of the BCLUW Community School District's decision not to expunge Economics from Jeremy's record was affirmed.