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Jason Klaffke
Mary Klaffke
Alden Community School District
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Commencing with the 2004-05 school year, Alden's secondary student will attend Iowa Falls Community School District pursuant to a recent whole grade sharing agreement. Until then, each District may operate its own summer athletic program.Jason Klaffke is a junior at Alden High School. Next year, he will attend NE Hamilton School District. Appellant requested that her son and similarly situated Alden students be granted permission to play baseball "where they choose."

Iowa Code section 280.13A authorizes cooperative sharing agreements. In Appellant's affidavit, she stated her opposition to "expect these kids to play for a school they didn't want to attend in the first place. All we are asking is for the State Board to override the School Board's decision and allow the kids to pay where they want."

It was not unreasonable for the Alden Board to determine that its District would not provide a baseball program of its own to high school boys and to arrange for eligibility for its students at Iowa Falls.The local board was forward-looking and selfless. It did not act unreasonably and contrary to the best interests of education.

Jason is a resident of the Alden District. Once he commences attendance at NE Hamilton, he will be eligible immediately to compete for that district. Barring a bona fide change of residence of his family prior to the first day of classes, Jason is eligible to compete only at Alden or any host school with whom Alden has a cooperative sharing agreement.

That the decision of the Board of Directors of the Alden Community School District made on February 16, 2004, to share interscholastic baseball with Iowa Falls was affirmed.