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Nichole and Katherine Pike
Tracey Pike
Cedar Rapids Community School District
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The hearing panel was not certain of the reason for the denial of the Appellants' applications because the minutes of the Board's March 27th meeting received contained no reference to either the identity of the applicants or the reasons for the Board's denial of their applications.

The school representative, a "confidential secretary", could not identify any policy pertaining to the treatment of "good cause" and stated the District did not have such a policy. It was the District's policy to deny any application filed after October 30.

Although the State Board believes that open enrollment for the Pikes would be more convenient; and having the girls together in the same distirct is a compelling reason, neither circumstance constitutes "good cause" for excusing the late applications.

As to the merits of this case, we see no error in the decision of the Board of the District. The District's applica-tion of its policy is consistent with the State law and rules of the Department of Education. Consequently, there are no grounds to justify reversing the District Board's denial of the open enrollment applications for Nichole and Katherine.

That the decision of the Board of Directors of the Cedar Rapids Community School District made on March 27, 1995, denying Appellants' untimely open enrollment requests for Katherine and Nichole Pike to attend College Community School District for the 1995-96 school year, was affirmed.