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Human Growth and Development Instruction Act
West Des Moines Community School District
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All accredited schools must include human growth and development and health, as prescribed, in the appropriately designated grade levels and subject areas. They must plan to meet the human growth and development and health requirements in first through eight grade and supply evidence, most likely in the form of course objectives and student learning outcomes in the curriculum guide or board policy, that those topics are being taught; ninth through twelfth grade, human growth and development is to be infused into the health curriculum and must meet the Department's definition of unit.

If the instruction in the areas of the human growth and development curriculum is planned and designed by the district to meet criteria set by law and appears in the curriculum objectives of a course or unit as evidence of compliance, the instruction in the course or unit is subject tot he notice, review, and removal provisions of Iowa Code Section 279.50(4).

A parent's right to remove the student from the classroom is applicable when the instruction is designed to meet the accreditation standards or the requirements of section 279.50 as determined by the district.

The law requires annual notification be provided to all parents or guardians of children enrolled in the district; the notice shall include "information about the human growth and development curriculum used in the pupil's grade level", as well as the procedure of inspecting materials "prior to their use in the classroom." The notice must include the parent's or guardian's option to request that a student be excused from the instruction.