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Administrative Appeal Decisions


Department of Education

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Book Decision Number Month Year In RE Appellant Appellee
24 172 December 2006 Petition for Waiver of Rule 44.4(20)"b Sioux Center Community School District
24 168 February 2007 Ashley Garvin expulsion Louise Wood Harlan Community School District
24 153 November 2006 Open Enrollment Transportation John Childers Griswold Community School District
24 145 October 2006 In Re: Wilmot Wellington Wilmot Wellington Iowa High School Athletic Association
24 120 June 2006 In RE: Samuel S. Steve & Stacy S., Parents Lewis Central Community School District
24 115 October 2006 Termination from Child and Adult Food Care Program Charlene DeZwarte Southern Iowa Economic Development Assocation
24 107 October 2006 Kohl R. Stacy R. Bettendorf Community School District
24 88 August 2006 Brad B. Scott and Lorena B. Mason City Community School District & AEA 267
24 82 September 2006 Amanda Schamerhorn Cheryl Schamerhorn Des Moines Independent Community School District
24 68 July 2006 In re Preston McNees Joseph and Kim McNees Clarinda Community School District
24 45 April 2006 Termination from CACFP Nicole Klemme Iowa East Central T.R.A.I.N.
24 33 May 2006 Amber Criqui Jeannette Criqui Chariton Community School District
24 21 May 2006 In re Closing of Moore Elementary, Edmunds Academy, Adams Elementary, Cowles Elementary and Central Campus Marc Wallace, et al. Des Moines Independent Community School District
24 15 February 2006 Termination from CACFP Judy Kennedy Southern Iowa Economic Development Association
24 12 January 2006 In re Petiiton for Declaratory Order as to HF 816, Section 33, amending Iowa Code section 284.13(1) Clarion-Goldfield Community School District N/A
24 5 March 2006 In re Anna C. Julia and Robert C. A-H-S-T Community School District
23 346 January 2006 Petition to Change Affiliated Area Education Agency Ar-We-VA Community School District Heartland AEA 11/Northwest AEA
23 340 March 2006 Educational Placement Susan E. Remsen-Union Community School District
23 329 November 2005 Johannes Klein Notre Dame High School Iowa High School Athletic Association
23 302 September 2005 Benjamin F.B Michael B and Jacquelin F.B. Des Moines Independent Community School District and Heartland AEA 11
23 299 September 2005 Hon Kwan Marquette Catholic High School Iowa High School Athletic Association
23 295 September 2005 In re Justin Moretti-Monpetit Vanessa Bauer Iowa High School Athletic Association
23 289 September 2005 Transportation Services Marsha Sears Ankeny Community School District
23 258 September 2005 Benjamin S. Ronald & Nancy S. Ames Community School District; AEA 11 and IDOE
23 252 September 2005 Termination from CACFP Karrie Feekin West Central Development Corp