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Administrative Appeal Decisions

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Book Decision Number Month Year In RE Appellant Appellee
27 545 November 2014 Open enrollment of S.H. Lynette H. Ankeny Community School District
27 538 October 2014 Open enrollment of S.K. Cassandra K. Waukee Community School District
27 530 October 2014 Thor L. Harris-Lake Park Community School District Iowa High School Athletic Association
27 524 August 2014 Transportation appeal Julie Gessell Iowa City Community School District
27 516 July 2014 Activities Conference Realignment Harmony Community School District's Petition for Membership into Bluegrass Conference N/A
27 233 Open Enrollment of Reid S. Quentin and Mandie S. Oelwein Community School District
26 509 May 2014 Open enrollment, C.L. Gary and Paula L. Dike-New Hartford Community School District
26 498 April 2014 Termination from CACFP Grand View Child Development Center, Inc. Bureau of Nutrition and Health Services
26 494 April 2014 Termination from CACFP Melissa Hughes Community Action of Eastern Iowa
26 489 February 2014 Hunter Drake Daric and Danyel Drake Iowa High School Athletic Association
26 483 March 2014 T.B., Good Conduct Alan B. Highland Community School District
26 473 January 2014 T.D. Lisa D. Andrew Community School District
26 467 January 2014 Anneliese Z. Christa C. Des Moines Independent Community School District
26 463 January 2014 Termination from CACFP Maria Payne Community Action of Eastern Iowa
26 390 December 2013 IDEA State Complaint Decision 14-01 Disability Rights Iowa Iowa Juvenile Home and Girls State Training School & Area Education Agency 267
26 383 October 2013 Open Enrollment of Kali B. Missy B. Missouri Valley CSD
26 378 October 2013 Transportation of Open Enrolled Pupils Clinton T. Buckingham Riverside Community School District
26 377 September 2013 Transportation Ryan McFarland Northwest Area Education Agency
26 373 November 2013 Samantha H. Shannon B. Dallas Center-Grimes Community School District
26 368 July 2013 Petition to Join Activities Conferences Clay Central-Everly Community School District N/A
26 364 June 2013 Termination from CACFP Vickie White West Central Community Action
26 357 May 2013 Marissa Malone Ronald J. Malone Iowa Girls' High School Athletic Union
26 350 February 2013 Termination from CACFP Four Oaks Family and Children's Service owa Department of Education, Bureau of Nutrition and Health Services
26 346 February 2013 Termination from CACFP Brandie Gist Polk County Community, Family and Youth Services
26 294 December 2012 Termination from CACFP Melissa and Larry Williams West Central Community Action